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Candidates for Election

Nominees to serve as RRRC Officers

RRRC has five officers: President; Vice President - Operations; Vice President - Communications; Secretary; and Treasurer.

The duties of officers are specified in the By-Laws:

  • President - to preside over meetings, represent the Club before the Road Runners Club of America, Inc. ("RRCA"), call special meetings and appoint committee chairpersons thereof.
  • Vice President - Operations - to assume the duties and powers of the president in the president's absence, perform special assignments as requested by the president, manage the club's race calendar and serve as contract race coordinator.
  • Vice President - Communications - to develop and coordinate the club's communication, marketing, promotion and merchandising efforts, and sponsorship program.
  • Secretary - to record the minutes of meetings, handle correspondence as requested by the president and keep records of such minutes and correspondence.
  • Treasurer - to administer all financial duties, sign checks and make disbursements for expenditures approved by the Board of Directors, present a budget pursuant to the By-Laws, prepare financial reports requested by the president and prepare or assist in the preparation of all necessary tax filings.

Nikkia Young

Candidate for President

I would like to put my name in for the role of RRRC President.

Over the past couple years, I have had the pleasure of supporting RRRC in various ways – as a race participant, volunteer, new runner coach, race director and treasurer. I have seen the Club’s events and ideas grow and change, and I want to continue to support our growth and recognition not only in the Greater Richmond Community but also as a leader in the RRCA organization. Given the excellent foundation that RRRC has thanks to past volunteer and member support, we have the opportunity to widen the scope of our influence. 

In becoming president, I hope to remain open to change while not abandoning tradition. I would lead and guide the executive board and board of directors with grace and drive to ensure we are actively supporting the many aspects of the Club’s programs and projects. I will also place a focus on ensuring our bylaws and policies are followed and amended as needed. I look forward to supporting the club in another facet as RRRC President.

Crystal Koch

Candidate for Vice President - Operations

I would like to nominate myself for the position of Vice President of Operations. It's something I've been considering for a while and feel like this position could help me learn more about club operations. I also feel that living with the Equipment Manager could make for a smooth transition and provide further insight into the process.

Jennifer Perrin

Candidate for Vice President - Communications/Marketing

I would like to nominate myself (Jennifer Perrin) for Vice President - Communications/Marketing. 

I have been with RRRC since 2017 and started becoming more active in 2018 as I include my family and friends in events to get the community involved as much as possible.  I have volunteered at numerous events and attend at least 75% of the RRRC Club Meetings throughout the year.  Coaching is a passion of mine as I love to encourage folks to find their own potential to cross the finish line and meet their personal milestones along the way.  

I have coached for Girls on the Run in the Fall of 2015, Head Coach for the Goochland Monument 10k TT since 2016, Head & Assistant Coach for 8k TT 2016 & 2018, Half Marathon Coach for Sports Backers since 2017.  Previous Board experience was serving as the VP of Volunteerism with the PMI CVC in 2007.  (Project Management Institute Central Virginia Chapter.)

I am also a fitness instructor at a local Fitness and Wellness facility this role fuels my passion of helping folks at all capacities to keep moving forward no matter if they are a runner/athlete or currently battling an illness or painful arthritis.   It all started for me after my son was born that I decided I would get healthy for my family and so I decided to get serious after doing several 5k’s, 8k’s, 10k’s I signed up for the Half Marathon Training Team in 2013 as a new challenge and started my journey by signing up with a friend and then moved up to Marathon Training Team in 2015 to complete my first Full Marathon.  

I have since been involved in volunteering or running in all types of running races including obstacle races. Including my son in the races and/or volunteering when I can is important to me to teach him to give back to the community and support a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you.

Victoria Hauser

Candidate for Secretary

I am seeking a position on the Richmond Road Runners Club as Secretary to further my support of the club and the RVA running community as a whole. I have been a life-long runner, and in recent years, a frequent race volunteer and race participant with RRRC. This summer I completed my first article for Miles and Minutes. 

I am an ardent believer in giving back through volunteering, and the running community is one of the most rewarding places to volunteer. I would be honored to help recruit and maintain volunteers for races and club projects. My previous board experience includes serving as a board member for Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond (term ending June, 2020) and for the Junior League of Richmond (term 2018-19). 

Ralph Gibbs

Candidate for Treasurer

I have been a runner and a member of RRRC for 10 years.  I have been a Board member for 3 years, Treasurer for 2 years and currently finishing out my 2-year term as President.  I have been on the Finance Committee for 4 years.  I have been a Grand Prix PoohBah for 7 years.

Love to run and love to support running in the RVA area.

Nominees to serve as an RRRC Director
(as of November 11, 2019)

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Club and establishes its policies and procedures.

The Board of Directors consists of the five officers and at least five but not more than twenty additional elected Club members who hold no other Club office.

Duties of members of the Board of Directors who are not serving as officers are to engage themselves in an active and ongoing leadership position in one or more key Club roles and responsibilities, including, but not limited to, the following: membership coordinator, volunteer coordinator, social media coordinator, newsletter editor, director or co-director of a Club race, head coach of a Club training team, or chair of a standing or ad hoc committee as defined in the By-Laws.

Allison May

Candidate for Board of Directors

The reason I would like to serve on the Richmond Road Runners Board is that I would like to give back to the organization that has done so much for me.  I started running about seven years ago and quickly started running RRRC races in addition to the Sports Backers races (my first race was the Monument Ave 10K).  My first RRRC race was the RRRC Toy Run six years ago.  My favorite RRRC race is the Carytown 10K. 

Over the years, I have run in countless RRRC races, have participated in three Grand Prix, and made lots of friends while doing so.  I have enjoyed volunteering at contract and RRRC races as well.  I would like to become more involved in the club and volunteer my time and believe that serving on the RRRC Board would be a great opportunity to do so.  I plan on attending monthly meetings and RRRC events, whether running or volunteering.  Serving on the Board would be an honor.  I look forward to many more good times with RRRC.

Amy Black

Candidate for Board of Directors

Growing up, I was not much of an athlete.  In fact, I was more of a couch potato.  But in 2011, after some major life changes, I started running and joined Richmond Road Runners Club soon after.  I joined to meet other runners, to have access to local running events, and to improve my running.  Little did I know that I would meet some of the best people and make some great friendships.   

I now have a great understanding and appreciation for what running has done for me.  And considering I came from zero physical activity to running marathons, I would be honored to help influence and educate the way the Richmond community sees and participates in our sport, as an inclusive club for all those interested in running or walking races. Therefore, I would like to submit my interest in joining the RRRC Board of Directors for the 2020 season.   

When I realized that running was an integral part of my life, I decided to join the Sports Backers Half Marathon Team in 2014.  As with all training programs, a mid-week long run was on the schedule every week for 13 weeks.  Luckily, a few of my RRRC friends had joined the training team also, so we decided to tackle the mid-week miles together. Afterall, miles with friends is the best! This was the beginning of the One For The Road running group that evolved into a weekly running group.  Over the next five years, our little group of 10 grew into over 900 runners.  And this is all thanks to word of mouth through our amazing running community. While I have accomplished quite a few races over the past 8 years, that does not make me an authority on running.  We all have different abilities, paces, and distances, but what we all have in common is that we run.  We are all runners, period. 

  • 10k Training Team Coach for five years 
  • 8k Training Team Coach for four years 
  • MTT & HMTT participant since 2014 
  • 7 Marathons & 2 Ultra Marathons 
  • Grand Prix Finalist for past few years 
  • Founder of One For The Road weekly running group 

Chris Mason

Candidate for Board of Directors

I feel that I would be a continued asset to the board as I have a passion for our local running community. In the past, I have been a coach for the club’s Winter Marathon Training teams and have been a marathon training coach for the Sports Backers program for the past 4 years. I am the current Social Media liaison for the club and I enjoy making sure that our club is being virtually represented in the way that it should be. I also enjoy using the club's various media platforms to ensure that our club members know about our events, that they feel valued and that their opinions are heard by the club and that we enjoy celebrating their successes!

Outside of the things mentioned above, I'm also currently a Race Director for the Frostbite 15K, which I have enjoyed taking part in. I'm proud to say that it was the second largest race the club had last year and probably one of only a few races that have brought in over 1,000 runners/sign-ups.  Amazing! 

Thank you for your consideration regarding keeping me on board. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any additional questions!

Eric Nachman

Candidate for Board of Directors

Hi! I would like to continue as a board member! I like giving back to the running community! I am involved in a lot of running groups, which I feel I have acted as a Road Runners Ambassador! (see selfies).

Thank you for the consideration.

Farleigh Fitzgerald

Candidate for Board of Directors

When I moved from Colorado to Virginia 12 years ago, I was having a difficult time finding the same active community with an emphasis on fitness and most of all, friendship that I enjoyed so much while living out west. It took a while, but once I found my “running family” and more specifically, the Richmond Road Runners, I knew I had found my people.

I always look forward to every Road Runners “family reunion”…. I mean race whether I’m volunteering or running. There is always a special kind of energy that is unique to each event. In particular, I love the inclusive nature of each race- seeing people of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities welcomed and supported.

I have an extensive background in event management, both through volunteer roles in the community and through my professional career. In these roles, I have planned and executed both small and large events, managed budgets, organized committees, led communications efforts, and collaborated with both internal and community partners. It would be an honor to serve on the Richmond Road Runners Board, as I believe it would give me an opportunity to continue to grow my leadership skills and give back to a community that has given me so much. 

Thank you!


Jim Oddono

Candidate for Board of Directors

I would like to considered for one of the board member positions. I have been the club Vice President of Operations for the last 4 years. 

Thank you!

Joe Flynn

Candidate for Board of Directors

Please accept my request to continue to serve on the board of directors for the years of 2020-2021. I have served on the board since 2018, I am a co-race director of the Toy Run 5k, an RRCA level 1 certified coach and an active volunteer in the local running community. Thank you for your consideration to continue to serve.

Katherine Zampolin

Candidate for Board of Directors

As a longtime member of RRRC, I have been extremely active in RRRC over the years. Unfortunately, I had to back off a bit for the past 2-3 years due to my job. Now I’m ready to become more involved again! I’ve stayed very active in the running community and trail running community, was just on the RRRC race team and was a girls XC coach at Trinity Episcopal School for 4 years. I am a certified Running Coach through RRCA, certified Personal Trainer through NASM, and have some certifications in nutrition. Additionally, I have volunteered to coach for the WMTT this season. RRRC is an amazing club, providing a strong running community with a positive and healthy approach. I hope to add value to the Board, and look forward to becoming involved.

Kirk Millikan

Candidate for Board of Directors

As a member of the Board of Directors over the last two years, I believe that I have contributed to the advancement of the club in several ways but particularly through chairing the RRRC Scholarship Committee the past two years.

As chair of the Scholarship Committee, I spent many hours preparing the announcement of the scholarship, sorting applications for review by committee members, and compiling scores for each applicant in addition to reading and scoring each application myself. I am proud of the fact that we received a higher number of applications each year and that the pool of applicants was more diverse each year.

Over the last two years on the RRRC Board of Directors I have attended almost every monthly board meeting, highlighting my commitment to the club and to the board. Also, I have been a Grand Prix Finalist every year since 2014, showing my dedication to RRRC races both as a participant and as a volunteer. I look forward to continuing my involvement in RRRC in the future.

Thank you.

Mara George

Candidate for Board of Directors

Hi, I’m Mara George and I would love to be re-elected to the Richmond Road Runners Club Board of Directors.  I am 35 years old, but I began volunteering at races when I was 8 years old.  I have been a board member since 2009.  I have been the Race Director for Pony Pasture 5k since 2010 and Co-Race Director of Frostbite 15k since 2018.  I am the Membership Coordinator, assist with the club’s social media, and one of the chip system timers.  This past year at the annual banquet I was the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award.  I work for Sports Backers as the Event Production and Training Team Coordinator.  I am also a 10k Training Team Coach and Half Marathon Training Team Coach.  I love the Richmond running community and the impact that the Road Runners has on the community.  I hope to continue serving on the Board to further the reach and influence.

Marcy George

Candidate for Board of Directors

I would like to offer my name for consideration as a member of the Board of Directors.

I feel I offer a different perspective in that I walk races as well as do a lot of volunteering. This will be my 8th year of being the Race Director for the Sweetheart 8K. I have volunteered at races for RRRC as well as with other groups for as long as I can remember.  I handle walk-up registration, packet pick-up, work the finish line and have become a “Football Guru" for the club. With SportsBackers I am on their committee for the Marathon and Monument Avenue 10K at their expos and help coordinate the finish lines for both races. I also coach their 8K and 10K training teams as well as help them with other races and events they sponsor. In addition, I have volunteered with the Capital Trail Foundation for their Cap2Cap Bike Ride and coordinated registration for the event.

Mary Beth Hall

Candidate for Board of Directors

I have been volunteering for RRRC since I became a member several years ago, and I made it a point to learn various jobs associated with running races. I have been on other boards over the years, all associated with Jacobs Elementary PTA and with Manchester High School, serving on the board of Choral Boosters holding various positions. 

I did not start my running adventures until late in life. I did my first half marathon in November 2014 and since then I have run 24 half marathons, taking me up and down the East Coast. I will run my 25th half this November at the age of 63. I was able to train last year for my first successful marathon right here in Richmond. I have done a couple of Ultra Relays, various 5Ks (too many to count) and a bunch of 10Ks, 8Ks and 15Ks. I hope to complete my first ultra in October 2020.

Megan (Novak) Alper

Candidate for Board of Directors

After completing my first term as a board member, I’ve enjoyed meeting new folks in the club and the many opportunities to help support our local running community.  Serving as volunteer coordinator helped me recognize all the hard work that this club puts into hosting running events for the community and I am very thankful to be part of this organization.  This past year, personally, was consumed with several milestones – changing jobs, buying my first house and getting married!  I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve another term as board member and look forward to identifying new was to get involved with the club in my new-found free time.  Thank you for your consideration!

Michael George

Candidate for Board of Directors

I would like to place my name on the ballot for the RRC board.

Qualifications? OK:

  • RRRC member since 1989
  • RRRC board member since 1991
  • RRRC club president 1996 - 1997
  • Battlefield 1/2 marathon race director for 13 years
  • Patrick Henry 1/2 marathon co-race director for all years in existence
  • Start line/finish line/timing coordinator for RRRC and SportsBackers events
  • Raced/ran 5k's thru Ultra-marathons over 30+ years
  • USAT&F course certifier
  • Loudmouth
  • Provider of fun, mischief, and Grateful Dead

Mike Bender

Candidate for Board of Directors

The RRRC has been a part of my family’s life for over a decade and I have been an active participant, both as a runner and a volunteer.  I am an avid runner who didn’t start distance running consistently until 2008.  That year I ran my first half marathon in Richmond.  I enjoyed the training and found the friendships developed out on the road to be some of the strongest I have made.  I have since gone on to complete numerous half marathons and three full marathons.  In that time I have found that helping others to complete their running goals is as satisfying as reaching any personal accomplishments.  

Running is part of my life, along with my family and my career in public safety.  My wife and daughters are all active members of the club and we compete annually in the Grand Prix competition.  I have lived, worked and run in the City of Richmond for 25 years as a Richmond Police Officer.  Within the department I have been an ambassador for running and living an active healthy lifestyle.  With my current assignment, I believe the time has come for me to give back by serving within the RRRC as a Board Member.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Mike Gholson

Candidate for Board of Directors

I would like to nominate myself for a position on the RRRC Board of Directors. I have been a runner for 40ish years. I have participated in and volunteered for many races within the RRRC community over the years. I was co-director for one year, and now director for the Cul-de-Sac5k race series put on by RRRC. I was also on the race committee for the very first Monument 10K. I would love the opportunity to contribute to the racing community and give back to the sport I love! 

Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Levins

Candidate for Board of Directors

I have been a Club member since 1978.  I have been a Board member and directed the Stratford Hills 10K for many years.  I am still an active runner and volunteer, so I have experience as both a race participant and manager.


Rosie Schutte

Candidate for Board of Directors

I have been involved with Richmond Road Runners Club for about 15 years. During that time, I volunteered in many different positions including:  working with Grand Prix, coaching with Winter Marathon Training Team, assistant race director, officer for 2 terms, Race Team manager, and helping at countless races and RRRC events. My main interest is in developing avenues of competition and camaraderie for Virginia's most gifted runners. 

Shawn Lafland

Candidate for Board of Directors

I have been a runner since middle school and have enjoyed the physical and mental health benefits, along with the reduced stress levels that running brings, ever since. 

My wife and I have raised our three (3) children in Richmond for the last 20 years, except for the three (3), when we lived in Switzerland and traveled around Europe.  Meanwhile, I have worked at a Fortune 100 company for the past 16 years, most recently managing approximately 50 Technology employees and contractors around the world, tasked with ensuring that all of the various projects and initiatives are completed on-time and within budget. 

This past year I was grateful for the opportunity to join the Richmond Road Runners Club.  This has given me the chance to be more involved in the Richmond running community, including both running in and volunteering at various events in and around RVA.

Last year, I started a small 10k training team at Richmond Waldorf School for middle school students and parents in preparation for the Monument 10k, and next year I will be co-directing the First Day 5K the directing the Thanks Dad 5k in June. 

If given the opportunity, I would very much look forward to applying this experience, as well as my dedication and fresh enthusiasm, to join the RRRC Board and support running and healthy lifestyles in the Richmond region. 

Suzi Silverstein

Candidate for Board of Directors

Please accept my nomination to serve on the Richmond Road Runners Club board.   I am a lifelong runner and have been actively running in the Richmond community for over 20 years. I started with high school track and cross country, 5ks, 10ks, and then challenged myself to run my first half marathon when I turned 50. My “one and done” turned out to be a lifestyle change for me. Since then I have run countless 5ks, 10ks, 12 half marathons, and in the past year I completed my first full marathon and a half Ironman triathalon. 

I enjoy sharing my passion for running with others. I am a founding member of Ridgefield Runners, an informal running group in the west end. It began with 5-10 of us meeting at the Ridgefield Parkway Ukrop's so we didn’t have to run alone on dark mornings. We now have over 500 members in our Facebook group with ~50 posted routes. I have been a coach for the Sports Backers 8K and 10K training teams for the past 4 years.     

I love the RRRC sense of community and shared commitment to promotion of running. I enjoy both running and volunteering at RRRC races and have assisted with the RRRC Grand Prix program for the past year. I have experience serving as a board member in the Richmond Dietetic Association, Virginia Dietetic Association and the Weinstein Jewish Community Center.